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Whomp Vlog: Strapless Handplane – Model H


Small wave fun testing the The Hoon strapless bodysurfing handplane.

Strapless handplanes – some love them, some hate them.

For me personally, I used not like them so much, but now I love them.

I’m not fully converted to strapless only, as I personally find there are benefits to bodysurfing with straps and also going strapless.

The one thing I love the most about strapless is the extra tilt you have in your wrist.

It adds a hole new feeling to bodysurfing with a handplane or hand board if that’s what you prefer to call them.

The extra freedom in the wrist carries onto the rest of your arm, its hard to describe, but I really like it.

The Strapless Model H bodysurfing handplane is one of 3 different shapes I am currently testing and protoyping.

While most strapless have a hole all the way through, this type has a closed bottom, to stop water from rushing through.

The result is a really fun handplane that I will continue to R&D, with plans to go into production in the not too distant future.


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